The title ‘Jugalbandi’ refers to a duet in Indian music where performers from two different traditions, such as Carnatic and Hindustani, play together. Its literal meaning is ‘entwined twins’, which evokes the pre-history of Australia and India as once connected in Gondwana. The aim of Jugalbandi is to explore new opportunities for Australian and Indian … Continue reading Jugalbandi

Jugalbandi in Ahmedabad

Jugalbandi: Designed and Made in Australia and India will be on display at the Design Gallery, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad to accompany the Make it New Again: Models for Innovation in Traditional Craft conference 22-24 November. Jugalbandi will offer a taste of the creative partnerships currently developing between Australia and India, offering participants valuable … Continue reading Jugalbandi in Ahmedabad

Jugalbandi opening in Sydney

India / Australia / Design Jugalbandi & Cultural Textiles Jugalbandi: Designed and Made in India and Australia Cultural Textiles, COFA student research at India’s National Institute of Design Jugalbandi: Designed and Made in Australia and India is a series of exhibitions curated by Kevin Murray that profile the creative design dialogues currently in play between … Continue reading Jugalbandi opening in Sydney

Artists take the ethical path between Australia and India

While there is much to be gained in creative exchange between Australia and India, there is also something to be learnt from each other’s cultural systems. When musicians, dancers, artists and designers from India and Western countries like Australia come together to collaborate, they often encounter a difference in values about the ownership of what’s … Continue reading Artists take the ethical path between Australia and India


Jugalbandi is a series of exhibitions that feature Australians and Indians who are inspired by or have their work produced in the other’s country. It explores the creative potential in craft and design exchange, particularly how two very different cultures might complement each other. This is still a growing area of exchange, so the exhibition … Continue reading Introduction

Michelle Jank and Ashok Ladiwal

In 2012 Ashok collaborated with Australian designer Michelle Jank on a couture gown. It was Michelle’s first visit to India and she took her inspiration from an old sample (below left) and gave the design to Ashok to recreate onto net using similar techniques. Ashok Ladiwal is a fifth generation embroidery artisan. He has inherited … Continue reading Michelle Jank and Ashok Ladiwal

Fashion design with a conscience

Western designers working with traditional artisans in India creating products for a consumer market with an ethical consciousness. How can the designers contribute to the artisan communities in a sustainable way? Bhukhu is an appliqué embroiderer from the small village of Marharbat, near Barmer in Rajasthan, India. She is sixty-four years old. Bhukhu learnt the … Continue reading Fashion design with a conscience