Melbourne Workshop 2011

Beyond the tick: A workshop on ethical labelling
21 July 10am-4pm
RMIT City Campus

How can labels connect producers with consumers?

As part of the Sangam Project (Australia India Design Platform), RMIT Ethical Design Laboratory at the Centre for Design is organising a workshop on the ethical dimension of product labelling. This workshop will explore ways in which consumers can gain information about the ‘social ingredients’ of a product, including who made it and designed it, where they made it and with what resources. At the moment, ethical labelling predominantly takes the form of a ‘tick’ of approval from certification bodies such as Fair Trade. But such ‘ticks’ provide minimal information to consumers. What kind of labelling can be developed that emphasises the story carried by the product and gives value to the social relations entailed in its development and production?

This workshop is intended for designers, makers, retailers and industry representatives. It would appeal particularly to those working with products made in the Asia Pacific region. It offers information about current trends in labelling and provides an opportunity to participate in the development of a Code of Practice for Craft-Design Collaborations.

The workshop will be led by Kevin Murray and Soumitri Varadarajan and includes a presentation on geographical indications by Moe Chiba (Head, Culture Unit, UNESCO).

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