The law court or the market? How should we share designs?


Jenuarrie, Aboriginal designer from Cairns helps light the lamp for the inauguration of Make it New

A core element of the Sangam Project is a set of standards for best practice, resulting from dialogue across the network. The Make it New Again: Models for Innovation in Traditional Craft conference at NID in Ahmedabad identified some key concerns in craft product development. It is important now to open up these concerns for broad input.

Collaborations between designers and craftspersons offers potential mutual benefit. Craftspersons have access to new markets and creative stimulation through product development. Designers can add value through quality handmade skills and an engaging story.

Entrusting your design to someone else involves faith that it will be treated with respect. The existence of standards provides designers and craftspersons with a platform on which to build this trust.

Help us build this platform.

It may not be the case that there is a universal standard that should be applied in all situations. Your input will help identify important issues at play that will better inform parties involved.

Along with standards for production and use, these design standards will be promoted at the end of the project as ideals by which we should value the work of ourselves and others.

We are seeking your views on two dimensions of design collaboration:

  1. Commissioning – giving your design to someone else to produce
  2. Appropriating – taking a design from someone else to produce

You can share your thought either through this brief survey or commenting on this document.

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