Announcement of SANGAM and CRAFTISAN partnership


We’re very happy to announce a partnership with CRAFTISANTM which offers an important link in the ethical supply chain.

SANGAM aims to be a platform that helps ethical craft products build their value. A fair supply chain can sometimes involve extra time and resources. To make this worthwhile, it is useful to get a higher price for the ethical product. Consumers will pay a higher price for a product with a good story that they can trust.

E-commerce provides a valuable platform for this story. It has capacity to include text and images that take the consumer behind the scenes and create meaningful connections. Some SANGAM Platform members already have their own online sales, but there are sophisticated platforms now available that can connect you to the right markets.

CRAFTISANTM is a tradition inspired global lifestyle destination presented as anauthentic curated online art and craft collective celebrating the philosophy of handwork and was developed by Mahesh Subramaniam, who presented at the SANGAM conference in Bangalore, Samaanata. CRAFTISANTM is a new platform in his entrepreneurial journey, one that attempts to intersect conscious consumption with social responsibility and economic opportunity through an ethical web architecture. CRAFTISANTM emphasises the story of the product, providing facilities for consumers to filter by various attributes, such as Master Artisan, Geographical Indication, Women’s Empowerment, etc. It is also strongly connected with social networks.

CRAFTISANTM is now offering a dedicated presence for SANGAM Platform to feature products and stories from its members. The market for CRAFTISANTM is high-end, so this would suit products that are finely crafted and elegant.

If you were interested in exploring the possibility of featuring your products in CRAFTISANTM, please fill out the Expression of Interest form here. This provides CRAFTISANTM with an extensive breakdown of your product range. For more information, please see the FAQ document here.  If you have any questions or feedback about this offer, please email

We hope this partnership with CRAFTISANTM can be an important step in helping our dream of a fairer and more beautiful world become a shared reality.

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