Living Blue: Cultures-Based Innovations in Natural Dyeing and Sustainability Symposium

Dori Tunstall at Swinburne University is coordinating an indigenous cultural exchange involving natural dyes. The day-long seminar is a chance to learn about what happened and where it is going.

Mariamman in the age of climate change

The cultural dialogue between Australia and India continues to grow. Below is notice of a group called Jambudvipa, which seeks to invigorate young Australians involved in the Indian arts to work together and combine creative forces to propagate it, and at the same time work within the different cultural spaces. They are open to future … Continue reading Mariamman in the age of climate change

Put a name to it: Standards for Labelling

The Australia India Design Platform seeks to gather views around standards for creative partnerships between designers and artisans. One contentious standard concerns whether the name of the artisan(s) should feature on the label. There are positive reasons for this, not only related to fairness, but also the value added by the reputation of the maker. … Continue reading Put a name to it: Standards for Labelling

Moe Chiba to speak at forum

Moe Chibe will be joining the upcoming discussion about designers working in India. Moe Chiba has extensive experience working throughout the South Asia region. She heads up the Culture Unit of UNESCO in New Delhi and has been working with the Craft Revival Trust on the second edition of their Designers Meet Artisans publication. She … Continue reading Moe Chiba to speak at forum