Sangam Project a conversation between designers and craftspersons about how we might best work together to create works of lasting beauty and meaning. The project emerged out of  a three year program of forums and workshops in Australia and India that aims to develop fair standards in product development which can add value to craft practice in partnership with art and design.

The UNESCO Code of Practice for Craft Design Collaborations seeks to provide protocols for partnerships in product development that ensure fairness and sustainability for the craft sector. The first stage in the development of these protocols involved a dialogue between Australia and India which draws on the extensive research and thinking from both countries.

Sangam Project is located in the RMIT School of Art, as part of the Art Cities and Transformation group, including researchers from University of Melbourne, Swinburne University, Griffith University and College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales. It is supported by the Australia Council as a strategic initiative of the Visual Arts Board. Partners in Australia include Australian Craft & Design CentresArts Law and National Association of the Visual Arts and COFA at University NSW. Partners in India include Craftisan, Collaborative Community, National Institute for Design, the National Institute of Fashion Technology and Jindal Global University. This platform is associated with the World Craft Council and the ICOGRADA through Indigo, the indigenous design network.

The Sangam reference group:

  • Katherine Bissett-Johnson
  • Matthew Butler
  • Ashoke Chatterjee
  • Siva Devireddy
  • Carole Douglas
  • Judy Frater
  • Medhavi Gandhi
  • Lokesh Ghai
  • George Hiley
  • Marian Hosking
  • Ishan Khosla
  • Usha Krishna
  • Julie Lantry
  • Caroline Poiner
  • Julia Raath
  • Mahesh Subramaniam
  • Sara Thorn
  • Carla van Lunn
  • Judith Warrie

Coordinator: Kevin Murray

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