Nuts and bolts

Having spent three years developing the Code of Practice for Partnerships in Craft & Design, it is now time to add some nuts and bolts to the chassis. We are currently developing model contracts and checklists to inform designers and artisans about industry standards.

Working Together workshop in Bangalore, 10 May 2016

Working Together: Equitable and Effective Cooperation between Artisans and Designers Tuesday 10 May 2016, 9am-6pm Location: GoCoop CA Site No:1, GINSERV Building Behind Leela Palace Kodihalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 56008 Effective Partnerships between artisans and designers are required to sustain and take the craft sector ahead. The purpose of this workshop is to explore these partnership … Continue reading Working Together workshop in Bangalore, 10 May 2016

Living Blue: Cultures-Based Innovations in Natural Dyeing and Sustainability Symposium

Dori Tunstall at Swinburne University is coordinating an indigenous cultural exchange involving natural dyes. The day-long seminar is a chance to learn about what happened and where it is going.

From Colombia to Indonesia

Design student Alejandra Gomez travels to Pekalongan in Indonesia to experience the soul of batik. Finding similarity with the practical lives of her Colombian parents, Alejandra immerses herself in the batik world. Goméz believes that if Indonesian batik seeks more success in the international market it could try simplifying its designs.

Priya Ravish Mehra makes art inspired by rafoogars

Priya Ravish Mehra is an influential figure in the Indian craft scene. For many years she has worked with traditional darners – ‘rafoogars’ – from her home town of Najibabad. In 2006, she brought out two rafoogars to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games cultural festival, where they were the subject of great fascination as experts … Continue reading Priya Ravish Mehra makes art inspired by rafoogars