From Colombia to Indonesia

Design student Alejandra Gomez travels to Pekalongan in Indonesia to experience the soul of batik. Finding similarity with the practical lives of her Colombian parents, Alejandra immerses herself in the batik world. Goméz believes that if Indonesian batik seeks more success in the international market it could try simplifying its designs.

Priya Ravish Mehra makes art inspired by rafoogars

Priya Ravish Mehra is an influential figure in the Indian craft scene. For many years she has worked with traditional darners – ‘rafoogars’ – from her home town of Najibabad. In 2006, she brought out two rafoogars to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games cultural festival, where they were the subject of great fascination as experts … Continue reading Priya Ravish Mehra makes art inspired by rafoogars

Batik design partnerships in Indonesia

As a craft, batik seems quintessentially Indonesian. After a dispute with Malaysia about its origin, UNESCO in 2009 officially recognised batik as part of Indonesia’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. To celebrate, President Yudhoyono declared 2 October to be batik day, and called on all Indonesians to wear their national costume with pride every Friday. This proved … Continue reading Batik design partnerships in Indonesia

Handloom crisis: A background note

The handloom sector is facing a new crisis, even more serious than issues of competition, marketing, technology, livelihood and quality of life that have inhibited Indian weavers for decades from access to the unlimited opportunities that are possible today. The latest crisis could eliminate India’s rich handloom advantage forever. The crisis became evident suddenly, ostensibly … Continue reading Handloom crisis: A background note