Living Blue: Cultures-Based Innovations in Natural Dyeing and Sustainability Symposium

Dori Tunstall at Swinburne University is coordinating an indigenous cultural exchange involving natural dyes. The day-long seminar is a chance to learn about what happened and where it is going.

Appropriation or Exchange?

Christian Thompson argues that use of Aboriginal design by high-end fashion studios like Rodarte demonstrates a respect for culture that continues to honour the human form. Aboriginal art practices are part of a global economy and the recent collaboration between fashion designers Rodarte and the late Papunya Tula artist Benny Tjangala is testament to the … Continue reading Appropriation or Exchange?

Better World Arts: Friendship calls, from Kaltjiti to Kashmir

[photofade order=’random’] Carolyn Wilson has created a remarkable path between Australia and India, finding a way to jointly promote cultural sustainability of Kashmiri artisans and Aboriginal communities. This unusual but successful conjunction arose partly from answering the call of a friend, twice. Carolyn is the founder of Better World Arts, an organisation that paved new … Continue reading Better World Arts: Friendship calls, from Kaltjiti to Kashmir