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    1. Hello Sangam!

      My name is Ines Gurovich, I am a student from Argentina pursuing my undergraduate degree at Parsons School of Design, in New York City. I am an Integrated Design major, who focuses on sustainable design within the world of natural resources in textile. With a strong inclination in pursuing studies in gender equality and women’s empowerment in today’s economic status in material culture, I am interested in starting a conversation with whom this topic and my research could be of help for the approach of accomplishment of the ultimate goal – improving the development of the future.

      My site research will take place in Summer of 2016, and I will be focusing in the cultures of India ( Still figuring out which villages and cities to visit while my stay in India – It would be of great honour and respect to be able to conversate with you if there is interest in my research, and possibly work together in the future.

      Hope to hear back from you!


      1. Greetings from Uthhan-Empowering Artisans!

        We are pleased to know that you have intended to extend your support to help the underprivileged artisans of India. We make sure that the benefits reach the beneficiaries directly and during this course of the campaign we ensure the same through our communication and deeds with transparency.


        UTHHAN is the first mobile and web-based platform to succor and support artisans ineloquently about latest designs of handicraft products and in selling their products without the involvement of the middlemen and hence getting the direct profit. ALmost 30000+ families are registered under the initiative.

        UTHHAN has helped in empowering the living standards of poor artisan families across India since the profit goes directly to the artisan families. We at UTHHAN have helped artisans to
        a) Open up their bank accounts
        b) Getting online orders from customers
        c) Training and technological awareness programmes
        d) Skill based programmes
        Majority of artisan children were unable to avail education due to substandard economic conditions. Since the emergence of UTTHAN platform, many artisan villages and communities are upgraded. Please visit our website for more info about our campaigns standards.

  1. hello,
    I am bansari shah, costume designer based in Ahmedabad. I found this project really interesting and like to associate with the same. let me know the further details.

  2. Sir
    This is Diksha from Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur. I am a 6th sem. textile designing student. I have my internship next sem. (June & July) for 8 weeks. I want to know the possibilities at your place.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi…We are manufacturers of clothing, home textiles and accessories in exclusive hand woven and hand block printed fabrics. We aim to redefine traditional arts and crafts. With work with artisans all across India and sell our products only under our brand VINIYOG. As proof of our authenticity we have been given the Handloom Mark and Silk Mark by Govt. of India and Craftmark by AIACA. We are looking out to bring these beautiful, time cherished items to global customers. Please let me know how can SANGAM help me in broadening our horizons and meet and interact with similar minded people? Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Dear Nivedita

      Please consider joining our platform. This is a way of connecting with a network of designers/retailers. Look carefully at the standards to see if they apply to the way you do business. For more, please make contact through the details on our site.

  4. I am studying textile design. I have basic skills in weaving that I would like to improve on. I am spending 3 months in India this summer would love to attend any weaving/ fabric dying/ block printing schools or visit villages where locals can teach me their methods of working. If you know of any places like this please let me know.

    Many Thanks


  5. Hi, I’m Kim. I’m a design and Engineer student. I have a project in regards to block printing. I aim to filter out the water that is used to wash the fabric. I am wondering what kind of chemicals there are and if they are harmful. Because after I filter the water, I plan on using it to water the garden of indigo plants.

    Thank you.

  6. Res Mam
    warm greetings . i am katherine edwina from Chennai . im currently working as asst designer to one of the fashion designers of chennai. but im more interested in working with artisans and craftsmen and developing the craft of India for a global platform . that is when i came across your organisation and it would be nice if i could work for you. if you have any opening for me even as an internee it would be really greatful . if interested i could mail you my resume . hoping to hear positively from you ..

  7. I am a final year student of architecture. I am more drawn towards hand made crafts and textiles. Interested in working on this sector for my career.

  8. We are Jaipur bases hand block print craft company “ Jai Texart” conducts Workshops on Hand Block Prints with Vegetable dyes regularly . We have complete and one of the best infrastructure for the workshop at our Bagru Hand Block Printing Factory ,35 k.m.from Jaipur city (One of the best cluster for hand block printing with natural dyes ) . We are conducting these workshops since last 5 years and given training to more than 845 persons . (Including students from London college of fashion, NIFT, Pearl Academy, of fashion Technology ) . Tripadvisor- an international website has ranked us 36th best property & 2nd best classes & workshop in Jaipur
    we want to associate us with your platform.

  9. embroidery and hand spun and handwoven fabrics with natural dyes.

    We make textiles in cotton( counts starting from 80X80 and goes on), Khadi ( again 120 to 400 counts), linen in different combinations, silk and wool.For yardages, we have a separate unit of 100 weavers, within our unit, to weave handwoven and hand spun Khadi, cotton, silk, linen, wool and their blends.We weave customized designs and we have successfully delivered them, well within time.

    We specialize in Jamdani craft and hand embroidery with our unit of women artisans.

    We have been doing this for the last 25 years under the leadership of President award winner Artisan , and she is my mother.We train and guide them first and then give them work, throughout the year.
    Our Sarees, scarves, dupattas, yard ages have been given to some ace design houses in Delhi, Kolkata , Mumbai and Bangalore, craft council of India,craft stores across India ( in Delhi and Chennai)National and state emporiums, International buyers , craft museum in Delhi and few esteemed customers.
    Our work unit is in West Bengal and we have our correspondence offices in Kolkata and Gurgaon.
    We would like to have this opportunity to connect with buyers/ collectors/designers/organizations.Our fb page is Maya weaves.

  10. “Rooted in Indian history and culture, my work reflects my heritage and origin. As a textile designer, I constantly endeavour to contemporize traditional designs, techniques and processes while still staying true to their essence. Textile techniques and processes become more than a means to an end and guide my aesthetic. Focusing on the importance of the hand, my work is about influencing thought and space whether that is in terms of art or design. Every piece attempts to serve the viewer with a sense of my identity, seeped in history and infused with modern relevance.

    I would love to join the Sangam team and contribute to the Industry as an Indivisual !

  11. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I’m Ashish Raj currently pursuing my Bachelor of Design in Fashion Designing. Recently I came to know about your organisation working towards art and craft.

    My details are as follows :

    Name : Ashish Raj
    Batch : Bachelor of Design in Fashion Designing, (Sem – 5)
    College – Footwear Design and Development Institute, Kolkata
    Age : 21
    Looking for : Training for Craft Cluster
    Duration : 1-2 weeks
    Motive : To research about craft, Final product development (through NGO related with art and craft).

    Contact details
    Email :

    I have a subject called craft cluster in whice we have to research and document about the art related local artisans and NGO. Project also consist of development of product related with selected art with help loacal artist and after all research and product development I will have to get a certificate of learning through NGO. My college will also provide acknowledgement certificate to the NGO for the same.

    I’m looking forward to join your organization. It would be help full for me.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashish Raj

  12. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am Namrita Aggarwal, a fashion student at the RMIT University, Melbourne . I am in the process of creating a venture on indian artisans, the topic being “Australian market interest on Indian Artisans and its demand in Australia ”.

    As part of my primary data collection, I am conducting an interview regarding markets research towards Australian understanding and interests towards Indian embroideries I would need only a few minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire which forms a comprehensive part of my research. Your responses hold a great significance in my quest of data collection.

    Thank you

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