Working Together workshop in Bangalore, 10 May 2016

Working Together: Equitable and Effective Cooperation between Artisans and Designers Tuesday 10 May 2016, 9am-6pm Location: GoCoop CA Site No:1, GINSERV Building Behind Leela Palace Kodihalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 56008 Effective Partnerships between artisans and designers are required to sustain and take the craft sector ahead. The purpose of this workshop is to explore these partnership … Continue reading Working Together workshop in Bangalore, 10 May 2016

Journey Leads to New Platform

Samaanata was the culmination of a three year journey between Australia and India. Sangam: Australia India Design Platform involved an extended series of roundtables, workshops, forums and surveys examining the interests and relationships of producers, developers and consumers. The goal has been to encourage a growth in design exchange between Australia and India by identifying … Continue reading Journey Leads to New Platform

Survey: We want to know who we are

We conducted a quick survey of the Sangam Project network in the lead up to the Bangalore event. The responses we received were evenly distributed between Australia and India, designers and artisans. On the question of what information should be available to consumers, a large majority 80% said names of both artisans and designers should … Continue reading Survey: We want to know who we are

Bangalore–Going back to progress

The journey of the Sangam Project has covered the eastern seaboard of Australia and three cities of India. After Delhi and Ahmedabad, the journey concludes down south, in Bangalore. Bangalore is world famous as India’s global city. The computing giant Infosys helped build the city’s reputation as a centre for digital technologies. Alongside this has … Continue reading Bangalore–Going back to progress

Where Moth & Rust Decay in Bangalore

by Katheryn Leopoldseder You are warmly invited to Where Moth & Rust Decay A jewellery exhibition by Katheryn Leopoldseder Opening Thursday the 5th of December 6–8pm 1 Shanthi Road Studio Gallery Opening Times: 5th–11th December 2013 Open daily 11am–7pm Catalogue available to view online from Where Moth and Rust Decay responds to Katheryn’s travels … Continue reading Where Moth & Rust Decay in Bangalore

An ethical architecture for creative exchange

The question for Sangam 3: How can the user be creatively engaged to sustain ethical partnerships? Creative products involve a supply chain that connects a wide variety of functions, including production, design, retail and consumption. Each link has a potentially creative contribution to make. The designer/artist develops a concept and gathers capital necessary for its … Continue reading An ethical architecture for creative exchange

Learning to weave in Bangalore

Alison Hussey reports on her hands on experience learning from traditional weavers, and how it is giving way to the IT industry For many of us with an interest in hand-crafted textiles, we learn about the art and skill of weaving and embellishment by buying textiles that look interesting to us. If we’re lucky, we … Continue reading Learning to weave in Bangalore