Dialog Batik, Central Java 2014


Batik product development and export conference

23-4 May 2014, Kampoeng Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

A one day conference will provide information necessary for participants to plan for export of their batik and craft products. This will include information about product design, e-commerce platforms and legal issues. For visitors to Central Java, it will be an opportunity to learn about the contemporary batik scene.

23 May Dialog Batik

Design presentations and feedback

24 May Export pathways  

07:00 Opening ceremony with traditional dance

09:00 Exhibition tour

10:00 Presentations by Zahir Wadid and Kevin Murray

11:30 Fashion show

13:00 Presentation (TBC) and Carla van Lunn

15:00 Craft and national identity

16:50 Seminar closes

Dialog Batik is associated with the World Crafts Council Asia Pacific and is part of the Sangam Project, an Indo-Pacific network of artisans and designers seeking creative partnerships of mutual benefit. See www.sangamproject.net. It is supported by the Australia Indonesia Institute.

Cost: Rp 250,000

See www.batikcraftcenter.com. More details will be posted on this website. For inquiries, email batik@sangamproject.net.

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