Roundtable: Encounters Festival, 16 May, Brisbane

One versus many: Western concepts of intellectual property meet Indian openness of tradition

16 May 2013, 1:30pm-3pm, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Southbank, Brisbane

When musicians, dancers, artists and designers from India and Western countries like Australia come together to collaborate, they often find different values about ownership of what’s produced. The Western concept of intellectual property is an increasingly formalised system that requires permission for the reproduction of an original work. By contrast, Indian culture seems almost open source. According to Josh Schrei, ‘In Indic thought, there is no trade secret.’ Just as there seem no limits on the way Hinduism can be interpreted, so there seems little to stop anyone using another’s designs or compositions. So how do we navigate our way through such different worlds?

More details on this roundtable soon.

This is part of the Encounters Festival, Griffith University


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